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250W XED Real Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants Seedlings, Vegetables and Flowers

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✫ Real Full Spectrum With Rich Far-red Photon Like Sunlight:
a) Far-red photon enhance cell expansion, can greatly increase the yield of plants ( VS: Most LED grow lights do not have far-red photon or just very limited Photon.)
b) XED grow light spectrum most close to sunlight, best for complete expression of genes, so that can make sure plants, vegetables and fruits with full nutritions and tastes.

✫ Uniform Par Distribution and High PPFD output: XED-GK500A with high efficiency umbrella-type reflector, and there are 2 bulbs inside, make sure the par distribution is evenly. because XED bulb high efficiency, the PPFD is high.

✫ Supper Long Real Effective Lifetime: XED grow light with 30000hours real effective lifetime, that means the lumen loss is <30% when has worked 30000hours. (VS: Most LED grow lights real effective lifetime is about 10000hours, 50000hours or 100000hours is just theoretical lifetime of LED, not real effective lifetime)

✫ XED Wifi Swith Can be Remote Turned On/Off: You can turn on and off XED grow lights even >1000miles far away home.

✫ High Quality Ballast with Dimming Switch: the dimming choice can be 150W ~ 500W.

✫ Safe Packing & Shipping: XED grow lights with EPE + Carton Box Packing, has make sure the safety of shipping.

✫ Warranty: XED is the most stable lighting source in the world now, and with super long real effective lifetime; XED grow lights with 1 Year Warranty for the whole lights.

500W XED Grow Light



About This Item:

Brand: XED 

Model: XED-GK500A

Light Source: 2x250W XED Bulb

Color Temp.: 3000K or 4200K

Ballast: 2x250W XED electronic ballast

Vol.: AC176~265V, 50Hz/60Hz

Input Power: 530W, 

Dimming Choice: 250W/210W/180W/150W for each bulb

Reflector: Inclued, 

Adjustable hanging lines: Inclueded. 

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